C is for…

Canticles and the Book of Common Prayer in my previous post lead me to music.

Crescendo means gradually becoming louder and is misused in common speech where climax would be a better word.

A crotchet (quarter note) is a musical note equal to two quavers and half as long as a minim.  Composers use notes and clefs among other tools to convey carols, cantatas, church music, orchestral music and chamber music to conductors, choirs and other musicians.  An appreciative audience always claps at the conclusion of a piece.

Christmas is when the coming of Christ to a cradle is commemorated.  His circumcision, calling his disciples and his crucifixion all begin with C.  Completing His curriculum vitae, resurrection and ascension use Cs too as does the coming of the Holy Spirit or Comforter at Pentecost.

Click to connect to the crucifixion and resurrection story from the Bible (NIV).  Luke 23:26-24:12

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