A is for…

A is for…

Almighty, all-seeing and awe-inspiring are all words which describe God.

Audacious, anxious, apprehensive, avaricious and addicted are words which can describe human personalities or traits.

Adam’s apple and Adam’s ale are metaphors.  (Adam was the first man in the Bible.)

The indefinite article has only one or at most two letters (a or an) and antidisestablishmentarianism is the longest word in the English dictionary!

An amazing thing about the Almighty is that He adores his creation and above all people.  Alleluia! means Praise the Lord!

Although we have negative attributes, He wants to transform us and absolve us from our sins.  All people are invited to turn to Him and accept his love and salvation.  Then he abides with us and we abide with Him.  Abide is translated as ‘remain in’ in the New International Version of the Bible.  Abide means stay or dwell and remain also means stay, so no argument there!

John 15:1-17 paints a picture of God in Jesus being a grapevine.  We can become branches, but that anticipates tomorrow’s letter in the alphabet.

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