Playing to win

When I was a child my parents did not allow me to win at board games unless I deserved to.  I suppose I was fairly competitive, but they challenged me to try hard and improve.

Nowadays the game I play most regularly is SCRABBLE.  I mostly play with (or against) members of my family.  I always check the board very carefully to see where I can make the highest score.  Rearranging letters on my rack helps me spot the possibilities for playing the coveted seven letter word with its fifty bonus points.  If I can make it into an eight letter word going from triple word square to triple word square I have the score multiplied by nine!  (It has happened occasionally.)

I also try to play in two dimensions so that I can add the score from at least two new words.  Sometimes two or three letters can be placed alongside existing words.  This style of playing tends to add to the challenge and clog up the board.

My target score is over 300 when playing against one opponent.  I expect the combined score to be over 600 and am disappointed when it is less.  Sometimes the score is over 700 as in a recent game where a total of three turns resulted in all seven letters being played.  (Yes, two of them were mine!)  I keep a reference book to hand and perhaps do not use it strictly within competition rules!!

So in response to the daily prompt my response has to be SCRABBLE!

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