Blogging overview continued

Continuing my summary of blog posts from the spring until now, I find that the next three are related to my faith in God.

Do you pray?  Is there any point in praying?

Book review: The Last Queen of Sheba This is fiction based around events in the Bible (Old Testament)

Book review:  Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend A humorous book

If I ruled the world was a response to the Daily prompt.

Last but not least another Daily prompt in which I was able to write some more about my experiences at the UK Blog Awards.

A word cloud was an experiment in using a different tool

Guilty pleasure was another Daily prompt

My 350th post used a Weekly writing prompt

No contest a Daily prompt

An early obsession another Daily prompt about a hobby

Knitted hats includs a knitting pattern

Surprise company a Daily prompt

Mixed progress in achieving my targets A Daily prompt

My blogging goals revisited a survey of my two blogs

Crocheted waistcoat A craft project

Game of Groans a daily prompt

Perfect recall another daily prompt

Breaking the silence – or not and another

Switcheroo A prompt from 365 days of writing prompts

Finders keepers A daily prompt

Short trips out included a visit to blogging friends

Weaving the threads Fiction using a prompt from 365 days of writing prompts

Write, you are… A daily prompt

Blogging opinion poll How often to post?

IE Day A post about my beliefs and motivation.  Now what is IE?


To be continued…


How do I get spirituality?

How do I get spirituality?

This question was asked recently by a blogger. It made me stop and think.

I was brought up in a different age. Many children went to Sunday School. Almost all shops were closed on Sundays and on Good Friday. There were not many activities available on Sundays. It was possible to go to the cinema, but that would be in the afternoon or evening. A walk in the park was all many families enjoyed for Sunday entertainment.

Even having been brought up to know about God, the Bible, the creeds (handed down beliefs of the Church), it has still been necessary for my generation (like every generation) to make the faith our own. This means taking hold of the promises of God and acting on them.

One verse, which was both a help and a sticking point for me for a long time was, James 4:8

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Often I could not sense the presence of God. Many people experience times when God does not seem near. However He keeps his promises.

Isaiah 55:6-8

He is a holy God and sin (wrong-doing) separates us from his presence. If we admit that we have done wrong and turn back to God, He forgives us. This is possible because of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. When we accept Jesus as our Saviour, to rescue us from a life of sin, his Holy Spirit strengthens us to live a new life.

Unfortunately we often turn back to our old ways and have to keep going back to God to say sorry and to begin again.

I imagine the Christian life as being a bit like riding a bicycle. At first we fall off a lot and have to keep getting up and starting again. Even when we have been practising for a long time, we may wobble. An unexpected obstacle may throw us off balance. We may take a wrong turning, but we have a map (the Bible) and a communication channel (prayer) to get us back on the right road. By this time we have probably learned that we can trust the One we have asked to support us.

Cyclists can go out alone, but having others around can help when times are hard. It is the same with believers in God. Meeting together to worship God, pray, read the Bible, learn from others and encourage one another is important.

Becoming a Christian does not make anyone immune from the troubles of life, including physical or mental illness. His concern for mentally ill people is demonstrated by several accounts of people healed. The description of their conditions is rather different from modern language.

Some examples are to be found in Mark 1:23-28, Mark 5:1-20, Mark 9:14-29.

However Christianity provides a firm foundation on which to build our lives. Christians are never without a counsellor. Jesus invites everyone to follow Him. Come to me… Matthew 11:28-30

After I had scheduled this Taking Jesus at His Word appeared in my reader.  It says it far better than I have!


Sunflowers and beyond

This post is part of the Blogging from A to Z Community’s tribute to Tina Downey.

Trying to make sense of the premature death of someone we love is not easy.

I have said farewell to several people either younger than me as Tina was, or only a few months or years older.  It doesn’t seem to get any easier.  While we miss the person, who has gone before us, we must not lose sight of the faith, which should sustain those of us, who share Tina’s beliefs.

The following post appeared soon after I heard the sad news – and that of the death of two others I knew locally and one I followed on Twitter.  It seemed like a timely reminder that death is not the end.

Why Jesus waited

After reading Tina’s post about her sister taking a sunflower up a mountain, I commented with a link to a post of mine with sunflowers in it.  As I had one view from the US that day, I’d like to think it was Tina and that she enjoyed the pictures.

A grateful heart

A grateful heart

Tina enriched the lives of many bloggers and will be greatly missed.  Her family and friends are in my prayers (as Tina was).

I suffer from hayfever myself, so please excuse me for recycling two photos I took in July at Burrswood, Kent during their flower festival.

All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful

Tina believed, “Life is good”.  She had a grateful heart.  I pray that all of us who are marking her life today and our readers might have life abundantly.  John 10:10