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I follow more blogs than I have time to read.  There are bloggers I discovered soon after I started blogging about two and a half years ago.  Although some no longer blog, others are still regularly posting new material.  These include

Michael Lai

Paul Wilkinson

Fletch the Perchcrow

Treasure Hunt

Bundle of Books

Keswick stitchers

Scribe Doll’s Musings

Simply Vintage Girl


One passion one devotion


I also follow the blogs of a few people I have met, who happen to blog.  I am attracted by photography blogs as the pictures of places all around the world are fascinating and make a bit of light relief from reading and writing.  Craft blogs also appeal and travel blogs for the same reasons as the photography ones.  I also follow the blogs of some writers.

A tab on my other blog gives more links, but some of them may be to inactive blogs.  If I discover a blog is inactive, I usually update my links pages.

Happy reading!


Bring and share

Some groups of people organising a buffet meal for a number of people like to organise all the details in advance.  There are lists to sign with all the required items and people indicate what they intend to bring.  It works well and (as long as enough people are prepared to co-operate) takes some of the worry out of the arrangement for those in charge.

I remember my daughter (aged about 5 years) coming home from school with the following message.  “It’s our Christmas party on —day – I’ve put you down for tuna sandwiches.”

“Right!” I replied.  It was not her fault that I had no confidence in my ability to make sandwiches look attractive.  I knew I couldn’t get away with tuna on its own between bread and spread; I had no mayonnaise in stock.  Fortunately the village shop had some and the sandwiches were produced as promised.  Had she asked for sausages on sticks or some sort of nibbles I could have bought, my heart would not have sunk!

An alternative arrangement to the list (common among smaller groups of people) is known as, “Bring and share”.  This is a meal, where everyone brings something, but nothing is done to ensure that a balanced meal is provided.  I have been to several of these, particularly over the last few years.  My contributions have varied depending on the time of year, the type of occasion and what ingredients I have to hand.

There used to be a joke that everyone took quiche!

I can remember taking (on different occasions) hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, upside-down pudding, a bottle of wine, cheese scones, cheese.  The latest one I went to was the last meeting before Christmas of the ladies’ Bible study group.  I decided the day before, that cheese scones would be suitable and I could get up in time to bake them before the meeting.  The previous night I put out all the baking equipment in preparation.  There was far too much food for five ladies to eat for lunch (sometimes there have been ten of us).  However, the food on offer included fruit – grapes, fresh pineapple, kiwi fruit, satsuma segments (or similar) – meat, cheese, various sorts of cake including the Christmas speciality, known as mince pies as well as fruit juices.

Cheese scones

Cheese scones

It was an enjoyable meal with good company.  I was glad I had taken scones as there were no sandwiches or other bread products.  The only information I had regarding what others were likely to take was negative.  One lady, who sometimes bakes cheese scones, had a prior engagement.

Have you been to a bring and share lunch?  How did it turn out?


London in rhyme

This poem was written in response to a prompt at d’Verse.  It is too late to be part of a linky.

London in rhyme

Urban sprawl
Cannot house all
The people in need.
Bridges span
The Thames for man
To cross them at speed.

Trains, and cars,
Look like jam jars
Full of bottled folk.
Morning rush
Always a crush -
Standing’s no joke.

Return – not soon
Enough for the staff,
Who would like
Room for a bike/
Travel time just half.

Where are friends?
When the day ends
Co-workers disperse.
Home at last,
Make a meal fast
With menus diverse.

Workers gone
Life carries on –
Clubs and pubs open.
Evening shift
For owls is a gift -
Rooms made clean again.

Shows attract;
Theatres are packed
With public and press.
Music’s heard
Without a word.
Folk know how to dress.

Buildings loom
In sun or gloom,
Old, new and rebuilt.
People move,
They can’t remove
The fact of their guilt.

A church spire
Was once higher
Than all around it.
Hidden now,
Faith may somehow
Wake those who found it.

©  suesconsideredtrifles 2014