T is for…

Timpani is the Italian name for kettle drums.  A tambourine has a membrane like a drum and rattles like a jingle stick.  I can remember playing a triangle at an early age.  It is a metal rod bent into the shape it is named after.  It is hit with a metal striker.

Trumpets and trombones are brass instruments which are played in orchestras as well as brass bands.  Trumpets and bugles have been used to convey messages to troops.  Calls such as the Last post and reveille are known to many civilians due to Remembrance Day services.  A trumpet (or shofar) is expected to sound to signal the return of the Lord Jesus.  1 Thessalonians  4:16-17

Psalm 149:3 mentions praising God and making music to him on tambourine and harp.


S is for…

S starts some more drums – side-drum and snare drum.  A steel band includes drums as well.

A spinet is a small harpsichord.  The keys on it have their colours reversed from a piano.  The sharps and flats are white and the naturals are black.

Soprano describes a fairly high pitch.  The highest singing voice is soprano.  Women singing in this range are described as sopranos, while boy sopranos may be called trebles, especially in church choirs.  A descant recorder is also known as a soprano recorder, but there is a smaller, higher one – the sopranino.  Its range is a fourth higher than the descant recorder and one octave higher than the treble recorder.  The most usual recorders have the lowest note as C or F.


R is for…

A rebec is a medieval stringed instrument resembling a violin and lute.

A recorder is often the first wind instrument a child learns to play.  Recorders have a reputation for being squeaky and out-of-tune.  This is unfortunate.  Played well they sound clear and tuneful.  There are some very good recorder consorts with players using instruments of various sizes.  Two I have been privileged to hear are Fontanella and Red Priest (Piers Adams).

An important word in music begins with R – rhythm.  It is not an instrument, but all music has a beat and notes of various lengths.  This is its rhythm.